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    UI Developer

    Who we are

    Want to help build things like the Panama Papers website & DB, an open government open source platform, tools to make it easy to develop and work with public data, visualizations to make it easy to understand public finances and engage the public? Those are some of the things you will be doing at Populate.

    Populate is a design & dev studio that conceptualizes, designs and builds products for civic engagement: tools and platforms that enable citizens and organizations to better understand and interact with the world around us. We create our own projects and provide commercial services around data journalism, news products, open data and civic engagement.

    We value a lot how we get along and how everyone fits in our self-managing, your own schedule, choose your projects environment. We would prefer someone in Madrid, Spain, so we can regularly meet and work together in our office, although all of us work many days from home or from other remote places.

    What we need

    How we work

    We work for clients and on our products, such as Gobierto, a platform to help public administrations better connect with their constituents. We put a lot of thought on what projects we work on and which clients we want to work with. Apart from the output of the work, we value a lot the quality of the process: we like to work fast and efficiently, and that can only be done if everyone is motivated, happy, aligned and believing in what we are doing and who are we working with.

    We usually collaborate with external freelancers to be able to work on bigger projects. We want to keep a small, tight and efficient team.

    Our aim as a team is to enjoy the process of building products that we believe in and that put a dent in the universe.

    More info about us in our website: populate.tools and gobierto.es.

    What you will work on

    You would take over the visual and product direction of Gobierto together with the rest of the team. You would help defining concepts, ideas and visuals of client projects. We have some crazy ideas and we expect that you add your craziness too.


    Founding partners are Álvaro Ortiz (@furilo) and Fernando Blat (@ferblape).

    Conditions / What we offer

    To apply

    Write to itsme@populate.tools telling us about: